Sound Edge® Technology: Listen on the Edge

Everyone loves the convenience of today’s electronics devices; you can carry your music library wherever you go, and watch movies in the palm of your hand.  However, that convenience comes at the expense of sound quality – small speakers weaken the bass and data compression makes details sound brittle.  Using cutting-edge audio enrichment techniques, Sound Edge® technology helps restore clarity and realism in today’s consumer electronics and computing devices.  Learn more

Discover the Sound Edge Technology difference

Sound Edge technology uses proprietary audio algorithms to enrich distinct parts of the audio waveform like vocals, bass, and background details. Find out how

Sound Edge now available on select HP products

Looking for the best audio experience available on a PC? Get your hands on a Windows 8 based HP all-in-one desktop featuring Sound Edge enrichment technology. Get the details

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tuned with Sound Edge

Find out how Sound Edge product mastering tools can help consumer electronics manufacturers maximize their devices' audio performance and their bottom line. Learn more