Sound Edge Technology

Today's electronic devices face two audio quality challenges – data compression and inexpensive components. Data compression algorithms diminish clarity and add unwanted artifacts. Smaller and less expensive audio components often lack bass and fullness leaving a lifeless sound. Sound Edge technology confronts these audio challenges with proprietary algorithms that help restore clarity, detail, and realism often lost in today's consumer devices.

Voice Dynamics

Voice Dynamics creates a virtual center channel that increases voice presence and articulation without added sibilance or dramatic changes to the original tonality of the voice or solo instrument.

Surround Expansion

Using a proprietary "matrixing" algorithm, Sound Edge separates the sound field into five zones and individually tunes each zone to produce a wider, bigger, brighter surround sound without annoying phase anomalies.

Detail Clarity

Much like a sharpness or contrast control on a TV, the Detail Clarity feature allows the user to adjust the prominence and crispness of high end details to their preferences for their specific speakers or headphones.

Volume Leveling

Common volume leveling algorithms can abruptly pull back on loud audio, causing listener fatigue. Sound Edge uses a unique three-stage design that creates smoother audio transitions and reduces noticeable volume swings.