Tuned with Sound Edge

Every year, consumers expect electronics and computing devices to be thinner, faster, and cheaper. To keep up with these consumer demands, electronics manufacturers face great challenges. They must deliver a comparable audio experience with smaller and less expensive audio components. Sound Edge technology can help meet these market demands by optimizing the sound performance for electronics devices.

The Sound Edge mastering team provides product mastering services and direct training for OEM customers. Sound Edge mastering tools provide the following features:

  • Integrated audio player for convenience in tuning on non-target systems
  • Graphical FFT analyzer for real-time audio analysis of a speaker's frequency response
  • Dynamic meters that graphically show effect of dynamics blocks
  • DSP block isolation to allow for fine tuning of the tonality of major DSP blocks
  • Master Bass control that joins all necessary bass tuning frequencies
  • Quick Tune mode that can be used to achieve near optimal results in minutes